Other Accomplishments
     (non-soccer related)

Church Related Activities
Eternal Bethany is a Christian, and holds strongly her faith and belief in Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.
1995-1998 Bethany was a member of the Cherub Preschool Choir.
1999-2006 Bethany was a member of the Joyful Noise Children's Choir.
1995-2006 Bethany performed in various Church dramas, plays, and musicals.
1998-2006 Bethany was a member of the Awana Program, completing all books from Pre-K through 5th Grade, a 'Timothy Trophy' honoree.
2001 Bethany was Baptized by Dr. Cal Cooper.
2002 Bethany sang a duet with her dad during Sunday Service.
2005 Awana Grand Prix Race, 1st Place-Speed, 2nd Place-Design.
2006-Present Bethany is an active member in her church Youth Program.
2007 Spring Bethany led a Youth-wide devotion study (6-12 grades).
Community Service and Disaster Relief Volunteerism
2003-Present Helped Adults serve meals and fellowship with the Homeless through the Nashville "Room in the Inn" Ministry.
2004 Fall Helped fill and distribute Thanksgiving Baskets to the needy.
2005 Fall Volunteer in receiving, sorting, and storing donated Hurricane Katrina Relief clothes and goods at Franklin's Graceworks Ministries.
2005 Fall Helped fill and distribute Thanksgiving Baskets to the needy.
2006 Fall Helped fill and distribute Thanksgiving Baskets to the needy.
2007 Spring Volunteer in painting, cleaning, yardwork, and other Katrina restoration efforts in Gulfport and Waveland, Mississippi.
2007 Fall Volunteer in scaffold scraping, caulking, priming, and painting Katrina restoration efforts in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
2009 Summer Bethany attends a 8-day foreign mission trip, playing soccer and building houses in Guatemala City, Guatemala.
Leadership, Certifications, and Training
2002 Summer Completed Cottonwood Red Cross Swimming Lessons.
2004 Summer Completed 2-hour class on Dolphin Training, Panama City, FL.
2005 Fall 4-H Public Speaking Contest, 2nd in County.
2006 Spring 4-H Demonstration Contest, 5th in County.
2007 Spring Completed American Red Cross Certification, Babysitting.
2007 Summerl Completed Soccer Referee Certification Course.
School Accomplishments
2005 Spring Walnut Grove Elementary School Poetry Context, 1st place in class.
2006 Fall A-honor roll Grassland Middle School.
2006 Fall Grassland Middle School Geography Bee, 1st in class.
2006 Spring A-honor roll Grassland Middle School.
2007 Spring Nominated to be a member of the Williamson County Gifted Program by her teacher Mr. Koehler.
2007 Spring Grassland Middle School Spring Dance participant.
2008 Fall Nominated as co-President of Grassland Middle School Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Musical Accomplishments and Endeavors
2003 Spring Lead solo role as Beethoven in class play.
2004 Summer Piano Recital.
2006-2007 Grassland Middle School Band, Clarinet.
Other Sports and Activities
2004 Spring Karate Tournament, Conrad Jones Karate Schools - 1st Place Kata, Sparring, Grappling, and Nunchakas.
(Holds Purple Belt in Wado Ryu Karate-do)
(Holds Blue Belt in Japanese Nunchaku-do)
2005 Winter G.A.A. Basketball League, Team Leading Scorer.
2007 Spring Spring Selected to Grassland Middle School Track Team, Sprinter.
Other Hobbies and Interests Bethany has enjoyed participating in at various times
  • Rock Climbing and Repelling
  • Offroading and ATV Riding
  • Horseback Riding
  • Snow Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Ballet
  • Sailboating
  • Skating